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City of Naga, Bicol, Philippines : Today is  June 14, 2024

Rich cacao tablea flavors and an even richer history | Tsokolattehan

We all love a hot cup of goodness now and then. And with the unpredictable weather, recently it’s hard to gauge if you want to grab a hot cup or an icy one. But really, there is no right or wrong answer, especially when you crave a good chocolate drink with a local twist!

Tsokolattehan is the best place to get your tsokolate favorites. With servings of your classic cacao tablea drinks to one that leans into more modern coffee traditions, Tsokolattehan innovates on an old classic. Cacao tablea is a way of processing cacao beans through a series of fermentations, roasts, and grinds into the cacao nibs, molded into tablets or tablea. Usually served as hot chocolate drinks or in certain Filipino desserts. Paired with traditional kakanin desserts like ibos, arroyo, and latik, they are all perfect pairings to munch on for an early breakfast or an afternoon merienda.

For those looking for more western dishes to pair with their tsokolate, dive into their pasta dishes that will surely satisfy your savory craving. Balance out the perfect sweetness of their Tsoko Nut with a hot plate of Italian Tomato Pasta. Or perk up with a Tsokospresso and Carbonara to power through the day with a filling meal and a jolt of energy.

Tsokolattehan also stands as a homage to the history of the family behind it. Roger Villamor, a patriarch of the Villamor family that owns Tsokolattehan, used to make cacao tablea back in the 80s. Today, as a tribute to what their father had started, they established Tsokolattehan where they based their cacao tablea recipe to the one Roger perfected and sold all those years ago. This rich and heartwarming history makes Tsokolattehan to be a truly unique spot, as it proves to be a testament to the perseverance of homegrown businesses that run deep throughout Naga. Together with their collaboration with Kape Duman, a local coffee provider that ethically sources beans from all over the country, Tsokolattehan is a true local spot put together by passionate individuals.

So whether you’re cooling down or warming up, nothing beats a cup of cacao. With sweet offerings and rich history, this hole-in-the-wall spot deserves a definite spot in your coffee runs.

Tsokolattehan is open every Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

(Agnete Jonathan Noble, CEPPIO.)

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