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City Senior Citizen Officials

Senior Citizen counterparts of the Sanggunian during their first session last October 4, 2022. The program allows representative senior citizens from the 27 barangays to participate in deliberations of the City Council.

Under the City Senior Citizen Officials Program one senior citizen from each of the 27 barangays can sit as a city official or department head counterpart in October each year.  This is in accordance with Section 9 of Ordinance 2022-049, authored by Hon. Gregorio Re Abonal and youth Councilor Hon. Marie Flor V. Barde is being carried out in observance of Senior Citizens Month.

The counterparts (14 of them who will sit as Mayor, VM, and councilors) are elected from among nominees from presidents of the Barangay Association of Senior Citizens Affairs (BASCA). The SC Mayor-elect designates the remaining BASCA nominees as counterparts for the Sanggunian Secretary and department heads or heads of offices.

Their term of Office is October 1-30 of each year. They can participate in the deliberations but have no voting power. They can hold a separate day for their regular session to deliberate on matters for proposal to the Sanggunian.


  • Hon. Jose Venancio R. Severo             SC Mayor
  • Hon. Nilda N. De Hitta –                       SC Vice Mayor & Presiding Officer
  • SC Councilors
    • Hon. Gilbert S. Benitez        
    • Hon. Geronimo D. Ricafort    
    • Hon. Emma C. Panganiban   
    • Hon. Tomas C. Comota     
    • Hon. Amelita B. Nacario      
    • Hon. Corazon V. Milano        
    • Hon. Celso B. Julia, Sr.           
    • Hon. Evelyn A. Lazaro          
    • Hon. Noel Pedro A. Asetre     
    • Hon. Nelia M. Romero    
    • Hon. Noemi T. Aliniante  
    • Hon. Elsa F. Pedrasa          
  • Mr. Remigio S. Manchus         –           SC SP Secretary

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