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City of Naga, Bicol, Philippines : Today is  February 20, 2024

Better Health Services for Nagueños through the Naga City General Hospital

An image showing the Outpatient Department of the new Naga City General Hospital where it serves 150 patients daily.
TO BETTER SERVE THE NAGUEÑO - With the opening of the Naga City General Hospital, comes the surge of Nagueños looking to have their medical needs met. (Vic Villaflor, CEPPIO)

Almost 300 patients have availed of the services offered by the new Naga City General Hospital at the Balatas Development Center during the first few weeks of the new year. This is one of the many findings that City Councilor Sonny Rañola, Chairman of the Committee on Health, and Dr. Joseph Sanchez, Chief of Hospital of the Naga City General Hospital made during their regular hospital inspection. Aside from the Outpatient and Emergency Room Services that have been fully operational since the opening of the hospital, other services have been included as part of its repertoire. Among these are the Animal Bite Treatment Clinic, Radiation, Laboratory, Admitting, Isolation Rooms, and Pharmacy Services.

Based on the initial Statistical Report of the Naga City General Hospital during the first two weeks of operation for January, an average of 150 patients a day have availed of the hospital’s Outpatient Services. An average of 44 patients a day have been admitted to the Emergency Room while an average of 21 patients have been confined in the wards of the hospital.

Aside from the usual services offered, specialized procedures and facilities are also ready for use like the Pre-Natal Screening Rooms and Neonatal Intensive Care Units. The hospital is also admitting General Surgery Operations which include Cesarean section for pregnant women in need of surgical delivery. Just last week, a team of healthcare professionals were able to conduct a Cholecystectomy or Gall Bladder Removal Operation as well as an Appendectomy done to one of the patients admitted at the hospital.

One of the highlight services of the Naga City General Hospital is its Outpatient Department, where 1,203 patients were serviced during the first two weeks of the month. At the moment, the Outpatient Department building is still in its final stages of construction, and so for the meantime, admission of Outpatients are being held at the Dialysis Center of the hospital. Eden Pastor, one of the patients of the NCGH, was convinced of the services offered by the hospital. She found the process of availing medical consultation simple and easy to follow.

An image of Eden Pastor, a resident of Naga and a patient of the Naga City General Hospital
Eden Pastor, a resident of Naga City, visited the Outpatient Department of the Naga City General Hospital, availing of the medical consultation service of the hospital. (Rey Baylon, CEPPIO)

In connection with the growth of the city’s medical infrastructure and increase in the services offered, the City Government also availed of two new ambulance units for the Naga City General Hospital and the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) for use in Emergency Response situations.

These new and improved facilities will greatly benefit Nagueños in satisfying their medical needs. The city’s economic growth is one thing, but caring for the well-being of the Nagueño is another. And so the creation of more modern facilities and services will equate to not just an improvement in health, but also as a catalyst for job opportunities for our local health practitioners and professionals.

(Agnete Jonathan Noble, CEPPIO)

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