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Welcome to the Pilgrim City of Naga An Maogmang Lugar the Heart of Bicol

Maogmang Pag-abot sa Ciudad nin Naga

Savor the Naga Experience

Naga's prominent place in Bicol's history and its rapid growth into a cosmopolitan city that is located amidst a resource-rich metropolitan area, make it a unique place to visit. Nestled at the foot of majestic Mt. Isarog, Naga was, in precolonial times, a native settlement flourishing on the banks of the meandering Bicol River. Its central location made it an ideal site for Spanish colonizers to establish their foothold in the area, naming it as Ciudad de Nueva Caceres, one of the oldest cities established by royal decree. This blend of historical significance and physical characteristics gives Naga City a flavor and feel that is all its own. Naga is a place of faith, progress, learning, and culture. It is known also as the Heart of Bicol, owing to its regional significance, and Pilgrim City, as the home of the biggest Marian celebration in Southeast Asia. National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin dubbed it "One of the Seven Golden Cities of the Sun". For many, Naga is simply "'An Maogmang Lugar" (A Happy Place) - the hub of all that is fun and fulfilling.

Maogmang Lugar? Naga 'yon!

Learn more about Naga City's brand new tourism campaign, bannered by an innovative tagline and zesty imageries.

Bike ziplines await you at the Panicuason Hot Spring Resort
Things to Do
Discover Mt. Isarog's rainforests, Naga's historic churches, its pulsating entertainment district, or immerse yourself in its vibrant culture. There's plenty to enjoy in this friendly city.
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Nature and Heritage Sites
Naga is a unique mix of nature-based thrills, charming heritage sites, and a vibrant cosmopolitan feel. A tour of these sites will introduce you to the city's heart and soul.
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An image featuring JCJ Food Hub's assortment of food spread out onto a table.
Taste Bud Adventures
Try Naga's very own 'worst food' - Kinalas. Our restaurants serve a variety of international dishes. For that special Bikolano flavor, do taste our Bicol Express, sweetened pili nuts and many more.
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Penafrancia Military Parade (1)
Events and Festivals
Among the many festivals held in the region, the Peñafrancia Festival is the biggest, drawing thousands of visitors and devotees from all over the world.
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Naga City is within your reach by air and by land. Consider your travel options here.

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