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Naga’s General Hospital to start operations soon

Phase 1 of the ambitious P550-M Naga City General Hospital (NCGH) was blessed and inaugurated on Tuesday, December 12. The occasion paves the way for the anticipated commencement of operations later this month.

A taste of Americana hits the streets of Naga | Weekend Burger

It’s quite rare to relive that nostalgic diner feel here in Naga. Though the diner aesthetic has been co-opted by Bigg’s Diner here in Bicol, sometimes you look for a different Americana vibe that’s a little bit more youthful than usual. This is when we came across this quaint burger shop along Magsaysay that makes you feel like the weekend every day: welcome to Weekend Burger.

Look your best this Valentine’s Day | Centro Barbero – San Felipe

Gents, be honest with us: Are you ready for Valentine’s Day tomorrow? It’s okay. We understand. It must’ve slipped your mind. You might still be able to reserve a date at your favorite restaurant. Did you get to buy some flowers? Centro is filled with vendors ready to serve you and your last-minute Valentine’s Day prep. But what about a haircut? Surely you’ve made it a point to look good for your date, right? Worry not, because we know a spot: It’s Centro Barbero!

This nationwide coffee franchise is fueling college students | But First, Coffee

Late nights, strong coffee, and impending deadlines. Let me tell you, nothing reminds me more of my college days than my caffeinated stupors back in the day. You’d think as we get older, we would ease off on the late night coffee run, but there really is something about having a cup of hot java that pairs really well at any time of day. Sure enough, But First, Coffee is here to satiate that need for caffeine!

This Muji and Scandinavian inspired café is no slouch | Unica Coffee Bar

Happy New Year! This 2023, we’re looking forward to showcasing more local spots and services here in Naga. And to start the year off right, let’s look into this quaint coffee shop in Barangay San Felipe that merges two unique aesthetics into this chill and minimalist vibe: Say hello to Unica Coffee Bar!

A new yogurt culture arrives in Naga | llaollao

On the hunt for that sweet and tangy mix that a frozen yogurt can offer? There is something about it that is just perfect during these hot bouts of weather. If cooling off is your aim, then a refreshing llaollao frozen dessert is what you need!

The historic and original home of Ina | Peñafrancia Shrine

The Peñafrancia festivities are right around the corner. The hustle and bustle of the city is kind of nostalgic in a way. The energy and excitement is palpable. You have to understand, it has been a while since we got to celebrate Ina in all her glory ever since the pandemic started. Though the celebrations have waned, the Pilgrims of Ina haven’t, and they still frequent notable and significant sites during the Peñafrancia season. One of these sites is where it all starts for the Peñafrancia festival: the Peñafrancia Shrine, the original home of Ina.

Soft and pillowy artisan goodness | Chef & Baker

We don’t know about you, but sometimes we’d like to indulge and treat myself to a fancy bagel breakfast. Problem is, it is so hard to get a hold of some. But not anymore! If nobody got me, we know that Chef & Baker does!

Pizza days just got even better! | Domino’s Pizza

As a young lad wandering the streets of Taft, I’d always see restaurants dotted along the avenue that I wouldn’t normally see back in Naga. I would envy my friends who lived there as they would have access to a whole plethora of food places and bars and lounges. But now, things are certainly changing. Gone are the days where you had to make the trip to Pasay just to get a taste of a J.Co, a Zarks, or even Starbucks for example. Big companies are looking toward the Bicol Region, especially Naga, as prime real estate for new business ventures and experiences (just like Filinvest and their Futura Monte project). But one of these new arrivals is one that I never expected: Domino’s Pizza!

The cathedral that stood the test of time | Naga Metropolitan Cathedral

In the many churches that can be found in the city, there must always be the one place you can trace where it all began. Such a place exists in the city, one that you might be inclined to visit, with its deep history and roots ingrained, with it being one of the first cathedrals ever built in the city after the then Diocese of Caceres was founded. This is the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral.

Fuel your inner sommelier at this bar and deli | Cellar

There is something to be said about laying back and sipping wine out of a fancy glass. That very act alone speaks to us a lot; craving that unique wine feeling. It makes us feel fancy, luxurious, and that signature buzz that wine tends to give off. So if you feel like sipping wine with a pairing of delicious dishes, come on down to the Cellar Bar, Kitchen & Deli!

Home cooked dishes served out of Concepcion Grande | Chef Artist

A lot of home kitchens have been popping up recently. The pandemic has given a lot of people free time. Time to figure things out, learn new skills, and find new passions. And with that in mind, Chef Artist is definitely born from that spark of being able to do something new.