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Awards and Recognition

Since 1988, Naga City has built a reputation for being a model local government unit that pioneered innovations in local governance. This is attested to by more than 189 international, national and regional awards and individual recognition.

 Most Competitive Component City Award

Naga City is Most Competive Component City

NAGA CITY — Naga City was awarded as the Most Competitive Component City during the 9th Regional Competitiveness Summit held virtually through the Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index Facebook page, beating out dozens of cities across the Philippines.

Aside from being awarded the overall Most Competitive Component City, Naga City placed on the top 3 spots for Infrastructure (1st), Economic Dynamism (2nd), Government Efficiency (3rd), and Resiliency (3rd).

Source: IMJ Interactive

This award is one of the most significant distinctions the City has received recently, coming as it does at a time when Naga and the entire country was still reeling from the effects of a series of lockdowns implemented as part of measures to fight the COVID 19 pandemic. It underscored the successful efforts of the Legacion Administration to maintain and strengthen its foothold on the foundations of a strong local economy in the face of the pandemic’s debilitating effects.

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