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Commercial & Property

Choosing Naga as your next investment destination gives you access to the 6 million markets of Bicol. As the center of trade, service, and finance, the city hosts significant commercial and real estate developments bringing in millions of cash flow daily. Strong government support and a favorable business environment are something you can expect from Naga, a hall of famer – Most Business-Friendly City by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Gateway to Commercial Success

Vibrant Local Economy

With an annual average growth rate of 6.5% since the 1990s, Naga is one of the fastest-growing economies in the country today. The city accounts for approximately 21% of all regional investments with household income 42% and 126% higher than the national and Bicol averages, respectively. Average growth rate of sales or receipts of private firms is at 12.23% annually.

Regional Economic Center

As the business capital of Bicol, Naga is easily the center of trade, commerce, finance, and education in the region. With over 470 banking and financial institutions, more than 165 higher education institutions, and a total of 11,388 establishments registered, Naga has become the economic engine where Bicolanos do business. There is a steady influx of commercial and retail enterprises in the city at a yearly average of 4.8% over the last 4 years.


Naga is your hub in tapping the regional markets, providing access to a population of 990,000 in Metro Naga, more than 2 million more in the rest of Camarines Sur, and 6 million in the other Bicol provinces. 64.77% of our population belongs to the 15-64 age group dedicated to the young and workforce sector who are expected to have income for consumer spending. Our city is the core of the fast-growing Metro Naga comprising 16 neighboring towns.

Expanding Business Opportunities

The Naga City Government is aggressive in developing new growth zones to capture the market, increase economic productivity, and welcome new investment opportunities. Complementing government infrastructures are being constructed in the 4 new growth zones to accelerate commercial viability of these new locations. These growth areas are part of the government service decentralization in order to better cater to the residents of the city and other populace from neighboring municipalities. 


There is still a great demand for housing in Naga. At present, the city has a housing backlog of 14,840 (2019). Residential real estate investments are growing: investors are taking this opportunity to assess the viability of projects which will address this demand.

Strong Government & Private Sector Support

Industry support is our competitive advantage. We are confident to meet your expectations as you begin your investment journey with us. We are a government with strong people and stakeholder participation which makes collaboration easier. We offer tailor-fit services according to your needs:

  • Assistance in securing local and national government permits and licenses, and in registering with national agencies that grant other incentives
  • Providing investment-related information
  • Assistance in identifying suitable business sites
  • Facilitating the construction of government infrastructure critical to an investment
  • Identifying business or joint-venture partners
  • Facilitating service connections with local utilities
  • Providing introductions to key government, business and community leaders; and assistance in expanding business networks.
  • Aftercare services
  • All other assistance needed to facilitate business registration and improve ease of doing business.
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