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Naga City Industrial Park

Naga City Industrial Park: Spurring Export Manufacturing and Economic Growth

IN a significant milestone for Naga City and the Bicol Region, the Naga City Industrial Park (NCIP) has been declared a Special Economic Zone, marking a new era of industrial development in the area. This ecozone, managed by Enjoy Realty and Development Corp. (ERDC), promises to bring economic prosperity and employment opportunities while bolstering the country’s export manufacturing sector. What is the Naga City Industrial Park? The Naga City Industrial Park is a registered Special Economic Zone with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA). It primarily caters to light manufacturing industries focused on high-value engineering products destined for export. Often…

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"There is a direct relationship between brain drain and poverty of a region. Understanding this, I courageously founded over a decade ago my first formal startup, an Apple iPad POS company, with the goal of creating job opportunities that will make our best and brightest software engineers stay in Naga City. It was very, very difficult then. Today, this ordinance, I foresee, will encourage more founders and startups to flourish in our Maogmang Lugar. Then give them 2-3 years, our city will begin seeing their contribution to the local economy and job creation through their innovative products and services, coupled with newer business models. This could be our way to becoming a 'Startup City'."

Magno Edilberto R. Conag III

CEO, Nueca Technologies Inc.

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