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for IT-BPM

Naga City remains one of the preferred locations of IT-BPM companies in the Philippines. It is among the pioneering “Next Wave Cities/Digital Cities” by the IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP). Top companies like IBM, Concentrix, Quantrics, and Stellar— as well as numerous firms engaged in software development, animation, game development, and healthcare information management — have made Naga their location of choice.

Highly Proficient & Dynamic Human Resource Pool

According to a Talent Deep Dive study by IBPAP, Naga’s BPO talent pool is at 22,000–assuming no further interventions from the government or the private sector to develop human resources. With approximately 8,000 direct workers in Naga BPOs now, investors are assured that adequate and competitive talent is available.

We understand that a proficient talent pool is the key to success of IT-BPM companies. As the center of education, we know that it is something we can offer. Every year, we produce almost 50,000 graduates and admit 175,000+ enrollees in the Bicol region, thanks to our leading universities and colleges.

Ateneo de Naga University

  • CHED Center of Excellence for teacher education and IT
  • Center of Development for business administration, entrepreneurship
  • Graduates CISCO-trained engineers

University of Nueva Caceres

  • First university in Southern Luzon
  • Graduates topnotchers in law, accountancy and engineering
  • Center for Technological Education in Engineering and Architecture
  • In partnership with Ayala Education since 2015 and now, Mapua Institute.

Universidad de Santa Isabel

  • First normal school for women in Southeast Asia
  • Center of Excellence for teacher education
    • Known for its offerings in education and health-related  courses

Naga College Foundation

  • Center of Development for Criminology
  • Works with Informatics on Computer-Assisted Learning
  • Offers BPO/Call Center training

Bicol State College for Applied Sciences & Technology

  • Leading provider of higher technological, professional & vocational instruction & training in trades and technology, arts and sciences, fisheries, and other techvoc courses

Central Bicol State University of Agriculture

  • Specializes in agriculture, agribusiness and agri-science related courses
  • Center of Development in agriculture teacher education
  • Graduates topnotchers in Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Engineering

Other Colleges

Systems Technology Institute (STI), AMA Computer College, WRI Colleges, City College of Naga, Naga View Adventist College, Global IT, Philippine Computer Foundation College, etc.

A differentiated infrastructure and industry support to help you deliver your results

We have the most extensive infrastructure network in the region; and has been adjudged by the National Competitiveness Council as #1 in infrastructure among cities in the Philippines.

5 PEZA-registered IT centers and parks, strategically located in the city’s commercial districts, are readily available for use. Our ecozones are complete with the needed IT infrastructure, interconnectivity, and backup power for uninterrupted operability.

IT Parks and Centers

Offers the largest leasable space
on a build-to-suit arrangement.
Features a mall and a transport
terminal for vehicles going
north of Naga.

A 2.4 ha site located within 6.5 ha.
mixed-use development. It is
located between CBD-II and
Naga Southwest Development.

1.8-hectare development at
Central Business District-II
(CBD-II). With two IT
buildings with gross leasable
space of 15,000 sq. m.

A 6-storey PEZA-registered
IT Center. Highly accessible
to government institutions,
commercial complexes
and other utility providers.


10,000 sq. m. IT building, part of Robinsons Place
Naga. 4 additional mid-rise office buildings
on a 2.5 hectare lot are set for development.

Naga City Technology Park


A 1.8-hectare development at Central Business District-II (CBD-II) housing two IT buildings with gross leasable space of 15,000 sq. m.

Robinsons Cyberpark Naga

10,000 sq. m. IT building that is part of Robinsons Place Naga, located in the burgeoning commercial district of Naga Southwest Development. Four (4 ) additional mid-rise office buildings on a 2.5 hectare lot are set for development.


ALDP E-Park is on 2.4 ha., a lot within 6.5 ha. mixed-use development. It is located between CBD-II and Naga Southwest Development.

ANR Business Center

A 6-storey PEZA-registered IT Center. Located along Naga City’s Concepcion Growth Corridor, it is very accessible to essential government institutions, commercial complexes and other utility providers.

Naga City Cyber Park

Found on a 10-hectare property, the Cyber Park offers the largest leasable space on a build-to-suit arrangement. This IT ecozone is located just beside the city’s traditional business district and its major educational institutions. It currently features a mall and a transport terminal for vehicles going north of Naga.


  • IBM
  • Concentrix
  • Quantrix
  • ProbeX
  • KLASP Global Solutions Inc. (Medical BPO)

Amenities and Quality of Life Comparable to Other Modern Cities Without the ‘ills’ 

Naga provides first-class facilities and amenities of a modern city while promising a peaceful living of the countryside, a mix of Urban and Rural Living.

The city has over 230 hotels and inns, more than 70 subdivisions, countless food and entertainment centers, resorts and a bubbly nightlife.

It is recognized as the most peaceful urban center in Bicol. Health services are at par with other highly-urbanized cities. A tourism hub, Naga provides easy access to top tourist and recreational sites such as Caramoan Islands, Mayon Adventure, and CWC. As one of the five oldest cities in the country, it is the seat of Bicol tradition and cultural heritage. Reasons why it has been recognized as among the “Most Liveable Cities in the Philippines” and “Most Improved Cities in Asia.”

Cost of Doing Business

Minimum Wage (Non-Agricultural)

P 310/day

P 6,490 – 6,820/month

Salary of Entry-Level BPO Worker

P 12,000/month

Office Space Rental

P 200 – 550/sq. m./month

Apartment Rental (2-bedroom)

P 5,000 – 10,000/month

House Rental (Unfurnished)

P 8,000 – 15,000/month

House Rental (Furnished)

P 15,000 – 25,000/month

Power (Commercial High Voltage/ Commercial Low Voltage/ Residential; per kwh, Jan 2021)

P  6.17 / 7.22 / 8.07

Water (Commercial; per m3; inclusive of all

charges, Jan 2021)

P 28.80 (11-20 m3) /

   37.90 (51 m3 – up)

Informal Costs


Major Tourist Attractions


Culture and heritage sites; Mt. Isarog Eco-Adventure

Metro Naga

Cam. Sur Watersports Complex; Beaches in Pasacao and Siruma; Birdwatching

Other Towns in Cam Sur

Caramoan Islands Experience

Other Parts of Bicol

Butanding Interaction in Sorsogon; Mayon Volcano Ecotourism; Surfing and Kiteboarding

Strong Government & Private Sector Support

Industry support is our competitive advantage. We are confident to meet your expectations as you begin your investment journey with us. We are a government with strong people and stakeholder participation which makes collaboration easier. We offer tailor-fit services according to your needs:

  • Assistance in securing local and national government permits and licenses, and in registering with national agencies that grant other incentives
  • Providing investment-related information
  • Assistance in identifying suitable business sites
  • Facilitating the construction of government infrastructure critical to an investment
  • Identifying business or joint-venture partners
  • Facilitating service connections with local utilities
  • Providing introductions to key government, business and community leaders; and assistance in expanding business networks.
  • Aftercare services
  • All other assistance needed to facilitate business registration and improve ease of doing business.
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