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Various Infrastructure Projects (27)

The City Government of Naga intends to apply the sum of Twelve Million Nine Hundred Sixty Thousand (P 12,960,000.00) Pesos being the Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) for the construction of the following infrastructure projects:

  1. Drainage at Looban 1, Bayawas St., Bgy. Abella
  2. Improvement of Barangay Hall at Bgy. Bagumbayan Norte
  3. Rehabilitation of Drainage and Concreting of Shoulder at Magnolia St., Bgy. Bagumbayan Sur
  4. Rehabilitation of Drainage in front of Bgy. Hall, Zone 3 Kayanga St., Bgy. Balatas
  5. Road Concrete Topping at Masinop St., Vilmar Subd., Bgy. Calauag
  6. Pathwalk and Drainage at Zones 5, 6 & 7 Bgy. Cararayan
  7. Road Concreting at Angel Village (Phase 2), Bgy. Carolina
  8. Floor Elevation Phase 1 at Zone 1 Basketball Court, Bgy. Concepcion Grande
  9. Drainage Canal at Ocampo 5th St., Bgy. Concepcion Pequena
  10. Rehabilitation of Drainage at Del Pilar St., Bgy. Dayangdang
  11. CHB Box-type Drainage along Ramon Diaz St., Bgy. Del Rosario
  12. Road Reblocking at Zone 1 Riverside, Bgy. Dinaga (c/o Antonio Residence)
  13. Drainage and Pathwalk at Zone 6A Bgy. Igualdad
  14. Concrete Topping at the basketball court, Bgy. Lerma
  15. Drainage (RCPC) at Ipil St., Bgy. Liboton
  16. Drainage at Pagdahicon St., Bgy. Mabolo
  17. Concrete Pathwalk at Km. 6 & 9 Zones 2 & 5, Bgy. Pacol
  18. Road Concreting at Zone 1 Bgy. Panicuason
  19. Drainage and Cross-Drainage at Santiago II, Bgy. Penafrancia
  20. Drainage (RCBC) at Villa Robredo, Bgy. Sabang
  21. Drainage at Sapphire Drive, Lomeda Subd., Bgy. San Felipe (c/o Dionisio)
  22. Solar-powered Streetlights and Pathwalk Topping near Bgy. Hall, Bgy. San Francisco
  23. Drainage, Wheel Guard, and Railings near Bgy. Hall, Bgy. San Isidro
  24. CHB Box-type Drainage at Paraiso St. Zone 6, Bgy. Sta. Cruz (c/o Mercy Parajes)
  25. Drainage at Zone 4 Pingol Compound, Bgy. Tabuco
  26. Drainage at M. Castro Looban, Bgy. Tinago (c/o Rodriguez)
  27. Improvement of Educare and BDRMC Building at Bgy. Triangulo

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