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Hungry? Feast on a wide variety of Asian and Western dishes that are served in Naga City's numerous restaurants and dining places. From Korean Samgyeopsal to authentic Chinese cuisine, from street delicacies to fine dining. But if you're looking for what hits the native palate just right, try these out.
Bike ziplines await you at the Panicuason Hot Spring Resort

Things to Do

Explore Naga’s highland rainforests, be awed by its historic churches and cultural attractions, unwind at its entertainment district, or simply take in the sights and sounds of a warm city and people. When visiting Naga, there are plenty of things to do.

Events and Festivals

Among the many festivals held in the region, the Peñafrancia Festival is the biggest, drawing thousands of visitors and devotees from all over the world.
Picture of the living area in one of the suites at The Lotus Blu Hotel Naga


From well-appointed hotels to budget accommodations and resorts, Naga City offers a variety of places for your stay.


Whether as a tourism hub or a destination in itself, Naga boasts the best amenities and facilities for the most intrepid of travelers.
The Bicol Central Station

Getting Here and Around

Barely an hour by plane from the nation’s capital, Naga can be reached by a variety of transportation modes from airplanes, buses, and the newly-refurbished trains of the Philippine National Railways. Local tour operators can also arrange special chartered trips from their place of origin to Naga.