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Naga City Citizens Charter

Management and Maintenance of Recreational Facilities

To provide for the use of Recreational Facilities such as Naga City Youth Center Rooms/Pool, Metro Naga Sports Complex, and its Maintenance. Write a request letter, to be submitted to the City Mayor’s Office /City Administrator’s Office for assessment of…

Securing Zoning Clearance for Building Permit

Enterprises and private persons constructing a new building or applying for expansion/renovation are required to secure a zoning clearance upon application for a building permit. This should be done before the start of construction to ensure that the building/business is…

Conveying Complaints via eMail

Individuals may convey their complaints, feedback, and requests for services on all aspects of city government operations via e-mail.

Issuance of Certification as Registered Stallholder / Vendor

A stallholder or registered vendor is certified as such by MEPO. This certification is needed in applying for water connection from MNWD, a landline, cable TV and internet connection, as well as loan applications. Apply for certification by following these steps.