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City of Naga, Bikol, Philippines : Today is  November 26, 2022

Waking up and smelling fish in the morning | Dried Fish Stalls

Various storefronts are located at the Dried Fish Section of the Naga City People's Mall

There really is nothing like a Filipino breakfast. The staples are all there, sweet, savory, salty. But especially salty. There really is something about salted dried fish that pairs well with any breakfast. But where do you get these salty delicacies? Where else but at the Dried Fish Section of the Naga City People’s Mall!

Whether dried fish is on the menu or you’re thinking of bringing some over for your friends and relatives outside the province, you won’t get better deals anywhere else but the NCPM Dried Fish section! All sorts of dried goodies are in store, from fish, squid, and even some select shellfish. Perfect pasalubong options if you ask us!

This is also a great way to support our local businesses, as you can find a variety of stalls owned by different people. So pick one, talk to the owners and bond. Be that regular at the market. It’s always nice to have that suki relationship. (That’s how you get the discounts too!)

(Words by Agnete Jonathan Noble, Photos by Vic Villflor. CEPPIO.)

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