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  1. Supports the conduct of research on the current and future transport availability and requirements of the city. Including the potentials of alternative and environment- fnendly modes of transport to generate a database for the formulation of policies and programs m support of the continuous and accelerated pace of the development of the city;
  2. Initiates and supports the creation of a multisectoral and inter-agency Transport Council to act as a consultative body to provide inputs in the formulation of policies, programs and activities; and the monitonng and evaluation of current transport systems, with the purpose of Increasing the level of effectiveness and efficiency of the city’s transport system;
  3. Formulates and recommends for approval and Implementation a comprehensive codified Transport and Traffic Management Plan for Naga City;
  4. Initiates and supports research and studies leading to recommendations to maximize the use of public roads. Including the formulation and enforcement of regulations on parking;
  5. Formulates policies and procedures in ensuring the effective implementation of the allocation of reserved parking for People with Disabilities (PWDs);
  6. Reviews and recommends to the Sanggunlang Panlungsod applications for franchise, renewal of franchises;
  7. Formulates policies and regulations on the rationalization of the operations of existing modes of public transport that are within the authority of the Local Government as provided by law;
  8. Initiates and supports the creation and implementation of a multi-agency and multi-sectoral education campaign on Road Courtesy and Safety;
  9.  Formulates policies, programs and activities leading to ensuring that the transport system of the city is prepared for disasters and calamities;
  10. Recommends measures in adopting adequate and appropriate traffic and road safety signages that shall conform to international traffic signs. Including warnings and reminders;
  11. Leads in the effective dissemination of information, reports, findings and recommendations on the city’s transport system to all concerned agencies, offices and committees, including the public sector and organizations;
  12. Coordinates with other government agencies, other city offices and committees In the performance of the functions and responsibilities stated herein;
  13. Conducts commute e/public hearings on matters referred to it by the Sanggunlang Panlungsod, and IN response to existing and emerging issues on the transport system, and recommends action thereon;


Chairman: Hon. Melvin Ramon G. Buenafe

Co-Chairman: Hon. Salvador M. del Castillo


  • Hon. Jessie R. Albeus
  • Hon. Joselito S.A. del Rosario
  • Hon. Jose B. Perez
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