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  1. Conducts commtttee/public hearings on matters referred to It by the Sanggunlang Panlungsod and recommends action thereon;
  2. Recommends measures for the improvement and proper implementation of policies, programs and strategies relative to peace and order and public safety;
  3. Studies and recommends measures relating to public safety in anticipation of disasters and calamities;
  4. Recommends crime and fire prevention and disaster preparedness strategies and the city government’s mechanisms In support of the police and fire departments and other city and barangay units involved In the maintenance of peace and order and the promotion of public safety;
  5. Recommends progressive training programs for personnel Implementing peace, order, and public safety programs;
  6. Provides and recommends to the Peace and Order Council an annual recognition and incentives to deserving PNP members and other law enforcers and supportive groups;
  7. Monitors the implementation of the traffic code and all other ordinances relative to fire and public safety;
  8. Recommends to the Peace and Order Council, to the Sanggunlang Panlungsod and to other organizations, as may be appropriate, the recognition of mentonous performance of peace and order and public safety personnel;
  9. Recommends policies and programs on current and future organizational and resource needs of the City to ensures safety and security to the Naguehos;
  10. Recommends policies and programs to strengthen the Peace and Order Council and other mandated bodies to increase their effectiveness in their consultative, recommendatory, and monitoring and evaluation functions;
  11. Formulates policies, programs, and measures to strengthen the coordination among law-enforcement agencies, led by the Philippine National Police, the Naga City Public Safety Office, and other organizations through the creation of an integrated communications and response system;
  12. Designs a program for capacity building of agencies and groups related to public safety and disaster or emergency management through organizational strengthening, education and training, and the provision of resources to increase their level of effectiveness In maintaining security and responsiveness;
  13. Recommends policies and measures to mandate that plans for preparedness and resilience In times of natural and manmade calamities are integrated into development or program planning in the city’s offices;
  14. Recommends policies and measures to ensure the private and private structures conform to. at the minimum, legal requirements for safety by coordinating and supporting mandated agencies and offices, particularly the Bureau of Fire Protection and the City Engineer’s Office in the monitoring and evaluation of buildings and other public structures. Including the elimination of risks to public safety such as electrical posts and wires and other such potential sources of accidents and threats to life. limb, property and other basic rights;
  15. Performs such other functions as the Sanggunlan may adopt.


Chairman: Hon. Melvin Ramon G. Buenafe

Co-Chairman: Hon. Joselito S.A. del Rosario


  • Hon. Gilda Gayle R. Abonal-Gomez
  • Hon. Antonio B. Beltran
  • Hon. Ma. Corazon M. Peñaflor
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