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  1. Formulate policies for the proper maintenance and upkeep of all public buildings, public parks and public properties;
  2. Ensure the maintenance of an effective record keeping control and communication system within its area of responsibility;
  3. Coordinate with the Civic Organizations, Barangay Units, Student Organizations, Schools and Universities and the Committee on Sports Development for the use of Public Parks and Centers in connection with sports programs and activities;
  4. Conduct a continuing program of research and development in the field of parks and sports complex operation;
  5. Undertake regular inventories of city properties and ensure that all city properties are titled and or declared in its name;
  6. Perform such other functions as the Sanggunian may adopt.



Chairman:        Hon. Salvador M. del Castillo

Co-Chairman:     Hon. Antonio B. Beltran


  • Hon. Joselito S.A. del Rosario
  • Hon. Ghiel G. Rosales
  • Hon. Mary Kyle Francine B. Tripulca
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