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Using Government Facilities

Can we use the plaza for our event? Find out here.

City Mayor's Office

Quick Guide

THE NAGA CITY GOVERNMENT offers the use of the following facilities ideal for seminars, conferences, gatherings, sports events, and other activities:

  • Plaza Quezon
  • Plaza Rizal
  • Plaza Quince Martires
  •  Naga City People’s Hall
  • City Youth Center
  • Naga City Civic Center
  • Metro Naga Sports Complex
  • Naga City Gymnasium
  • Jesse M. Robredo Coliseum
  • Auditorium of Jesse M. Robredo Museum

How to avail of the service?

Bring a letter request addressed to the City Mayor, specifying the following the government facility to be used, the date and time of use, and the purpose. (There may be other requirements.)  Your request will be promptly processed at the Office of the City Mayor.

For further details, refer to the PDF file.


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