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August 12, 2022

MISS Bicolandia Executive Committee. Si City Councilor Sonny Rañola (ika-lima hale sa wala), chairman kan Miss Bicolandia Executive Committee, mantang nagreresibe nin hapot hale sa mga myembros kan lokal na prensa kaibahan an ibang myembros kan executive committee (poon sa wala pasiring sa tu-o): Allen Reondanga, hepe kan City Events, Protocol, and Public Information Office; Ice Badong, Atty. Jet-jet Vergara, Ms. Rye Rentoy, Rañola, City Councilor Jose Perez, co-chairperson kan ExeCom, Mike Pauig, asin Ferdinand Sia.

Miss Bicolandia Beauty Pageant applicants dapat may booster dose

KAIPUHAN nagresibe dawa sarong booster dose nin anti-Covid-19 vaccine an sarong aplikante na boot magin kandidata sa Miss Bicolandia Beauty Pageant. Ini an pigtawan nin du-on ni City Councilor Sonny Rañola, M.D., chairman kan 2022 Miss Bicolandia Executive Committee (ExeCom), sa press briefing kasobago.

The historic and original home of Ina | Peñafrancia Shrine

The Peñafrancia festivities are right around the corner. The hustle and bustle of the city is kind of nostalgic in a way. The energy and excitement is palpable. You have to understand, it has been a while since we got to celebrate Ina in all her glory ever since the pandemic started. Though the celebrations have waned, the Pilgrims of Ina haven’t, and they still frequent notable and significant sites during the Peñafrancia season. One of these sites is where it all starts for the Peñafrancia festival: the Peñafrancia Shrine, the original home of Ina.