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(1) 008844-2023-04: Drainage at Blocks 1 & 2 Villa Karangahan Subd., Brgy. San Felipe, ABC P 2,000,000.00
(2) 008854-2023-04: Storm Drainage at Phase 1 St. Vincent and Vilmar to Karangahan Creek, Brgy. Calauag, P 3,200,000.00
(3) 008790-2023-04: Site Preparation of the Center for Safety and Resiliency (CESAR) Access Road at Brgy. Balatas, P 2,495,500.00
(3) 008961-2023-04: Repair of Naga City Gymnasium at Brgy. Dayangdang, ABC P 1,000,000.00
(4) 008511-2023-04: Irrigation Canal at Federes Lateral Canal, Km. 9 Brgy. Pacol, ABC P 2,078,600.00
(5) 008553-2023-04: RC Box Culvert near gasoline station, Zone 1B San Rafael, Brgy. Cararayan, ABC P 2,277,900.00
(6) 008023-2023-04: Drainage at Azucena St., Brgy. Concepcion Pequena (c/o Martinez), ABC P 1,200,000.00
(7) 008633-2023-04: RC Box Culvert, PCCP and Drainage at 6th St. Zone 4B, Brgy. Concepcion Pequena, ABC P 3,000,600.00
(8) 008277-2023-04: Drainage and Cross-Drainage at Villa Grande (Mangga St.-Looban-Sol St.), Brgy. Concepcion Grande, ABC P 1,670,100.00



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