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V Gallery x Museum

The V Gallery x Museum is a facility owned by the Naga College Foundation, Inc. in the Bicol Region. The Gallery showcases Artworks made by Local Artists and is being changed every month. Meanwhile, the Museum showcases the history of Naga College Foundation (formerly Naga Teacher’s College) and their Founder, Dr. Melchor T. Villanueva.

V Gallery x Museum: A Fusion of History and Creativity

Nestled within the heart of Naga City, the V Gallery x Museum stands as a remarkable testament to the intersection of art, heritage, and education. Opened on January 28, 2023, this innovative establishment is the brainchild of the Naga College Foundation, Inc., breathing new life into a historic residence with an exceptional transformation.

Formerly belonging to the esteemed Hernandez Family, the house and its expansive grounds have now found new purpose under the stewardship of the Naga College Foundation. A bastion of tradition, the Foundation chose to restore the house to its original American Period Architectural Design, preserving its unique charm while seamlessly integrating it into the fabric of modernity.

V Gallery x Museum is a convergence point, where the past and present coalesce in a harmonious blend of heritage and ingenuity. It symbolizes the Naga College Foundation’s commitment to honoring its origins while fostering the growth and expression of the arts in its community.


Step inside the V Gallery x Museum, and you’ll be transported through time and creativity. The museum section is a mesmerizing journey into the roots of Naga College, proudly narrating its rich history and the visionary behind its inception, Melchor Villanueva. As visitors wander through curated exhibits, they’re immersed in the story of determination, dedication, and dreams realized.

The gallery component of V Gallery x Museum celebrates the thriving artistic spirit of the local community. Within its walls, the space comes alive with an array of artworks crafted by talented local artists. What sets this gallery apart is its commitment to showcasing the breadth of creative expression; it changes its display every month to provide a platform for numerous local artists. This dedication not only supports artists but also ensures that each visit to the gallery is a unique experience, brimming with diverse perspectives and styles.


V Gallery x Museum doesn’t just reside within its physical walls—it extends its reach to the digital realm. As the first online art gallery in the Bicol Region (vgalleryxmuseum.com), it pioneers a new way for art to be experienced and shared. Through its online platform, art enthusiasts from across the globe can explore the vibrant tapestry of local creativity, breaking down geographical boundaries and fostering a global appreciation for the region’s artistry.


M.T. Villanueva Ave. (Near Bagumbayan), Naga City, Camarines Sur, 4400




V Gallery x Museum




Tuesday to Sunday; 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM



Photos courtesy of Julianne Marie Mendoza

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