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The City Government of Naga had been the target of a malicious cyber intrusion which, consequently, temporarily affected the availability and accessibility of data of the following:

1) Business taxpayers
2) Real property owners
3) City Government personnel

The ultimate intention of the attack seems to be disabling access to data and information services. However, the IT Office detected the intrusion early and the same was disrupted.

We will, at the most opportune time, make these services available to offer the same convenience and usefulness. With utmost concern for your privacy and the integrity of the information you entrusted us, the IT Office has moved to secure these systems and fix any vulnerabilities.

Immediately upon detection, the IT Office commenced determining whether sensitive personal information had been accessed. Currently, there is no evidence to show that sensitive personal information was transmitted outside City Hall.

However, as a precautionary measure, those mentioned above are advised to:

1) Not accept calls, emails, or messages from unknown sources
2) Verify sources of requests for any personal information
3) Change online credentials (e.g. passwords, PINs, etc.)

Anyone needing more information or assistance may contact:

Information Technology Office
City Government of Naga
E-mail: ito.network@naga.gov.ph
Tel. No.: +63-54-205-2980 local 1080