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List of City Youth Officials

CYO 2011 | CYO 2012 | CYO 2013 | CYO 2014 | CYO 2015 | CYO 2016 | CYO 2017 | CYO 2018 | CYO 2019 | CYO 2020 | CYO 2021 


By virtue of SP Ordinance No. 2007-008, as amended by Ordinance No. 2009-017 dated March 19, 2007 and March 17, 2009 respectively Institutionalizing the Naga City Youth Officials Program and declared the period from April 15 to May 31 each year as City Youth Month. During this period, youth officials will be given the opportunity to handle the operations of the city government except in areas, which are policy determining or requiring monetary disbursements.

The following rules shall be observed:
1.  Tenure of Office:  The City Youth Officials shall serve for a term of one & one-half (1 & ½) months beginning April 15 to May 31, each year.
2.  Youth Government:  The youth government shall be composed of youth officials who will be selected through a two-phase selection process (written and oral examinations) from a pool of qualified youth applicants/nominees in Naga City.

The written examination (to be prepared by the City Youth Month Committee) will be given on ___________ at ______ at the __________________________, while the oral examination will be conducted on _____________ starting _______ at the ______________, City Hall, this city.

a)  The top 14th examinees in the two-phased selection process shall be proclaimed by the committee as follows:

First Placer  – City Youth Mayor
Second Placer – City Youth Vice Mayor
Third Placer – #1 City Youth Councilor
Fourth Placer – #2 City Youth Councilor

And so on up to the Fourteenth placer as City Youth Councilors, respectively.

b)  The examinees who placed 15th up to the 45th slots shall be appointed by the City Youth Mayor to the positions of City Youth Department Heads and Chiefs of Offices, as follows:

1)  City Youth Administrator
2)  City Youth Secretary to the Sangguniang Panglungsod
3)  City Youth Planning and Development Coordinator
4)  City Youth Treasurer
5)  City Youth Assessor
6)  City Youth Budget Officer
7)  City Youth Legal Officer
8)  City Youth Agriculturist
9)  City Youth Veterinarian
10) City Youth Environment and Natural Resources Officer
11) City Youth Secretary to the Mayor
12) City Youth Market Superintendent
13) City Youth Population and Nutrition Officer
14) City Youth Accountant
15) City Youth Engineer
16) City Youth Metro Peso Manager
17) City Youth Social Welfare and Development Officer
18) City Youth Human Resource Management Officer
19) City Youth Civil Registrar
20) City Youth General Services Officer
21) City Youth Health Officer
22) City Youth Librarian
23) City Youth Urban Poor Affairs Officer
24) City Youth Science and Technology Centrum Administrator
25) City Youth Public Safety Officer
26) City Youth Electronics Data Processing Officer
27) City Youth Chief of Hospital
28) City Youth NCPC Program Director
29) City Youth NCPC Chairperson
30) The rest of the slots will be designated to NCPC Sectoral Representative

c) The formal Oath-Taking of the City Youth Officials shall be held on _______________ right after the Flag Raising Ceremony of the City Hall employees at the City Hall grounds.

3. Qualifications of Applicants/Nominees to the City Youth Month:
a) In-school or out-of-school youth who are Naga City residents as evidenced by the following documents:

1.  SK Voter’s ID or regular Voter’s ID (photocopy COMELEC registration claim stub)
2.  Any of the regular bills of their parents, such as:
2.a) Electric Bill
2.b) Water Bill
2.c) Telephone Bill
2.d) Cable TV Bill
2.e) Cellphone Bill
2.f) Other similar Bills

b) Exactly 16-24 years old (as of March 25) and at least High School graduate.
c) Can fully attend to official functions during regular office hours pursuant to Sangguniang Panglungsod Resolution No. 95-210 dated August , 1995.
d) He/she must be of good moral character, as duly certified by the school head or the Punong Barangay as the case maybe;
e) Must not have been a previous Naga City Youth Official & Incumbent SK Official.

The City Youth Month Committee reserves the right to withdraw the appointment of any youth official found violating any provision of these Rules and Regulations.

Documentary requirements must be personally submitted to the City Youth Month Committee Secretariat at the Office of the Sangguniang Panglungsod at City Hall for Pre-evaluation not later than the close of Office hours on ___________.

Strictly no proxy and no late applications/nominations will be accepted.
1)    Fully accomplished bio-data with recent picture;
2)    Photocopy of the birth certificate; (duly certified by the Local Civil Registrar)
3)    Proof of Naga City residency based on #3, letter (a) above;
4)    Date and place of Examinations: __________ at ________ at the _______________, City of Naga for the written examination; and oral examination on _____________ at ________. at the __________________. Only the participants who made it to the top 45 places in the written exam shall be qualified to take the oral examination.
5)    Deadline for submission of applications/nominations: All applications/ nominations must be submitted personally by the applicant to the City Youth Month Committee Secretariat in the Office of the Sangguniang Panglungsod at City Hall not later than the close of office hours on __________________, for the pre-evaluation of documents. Strictly no late applications/nominations shall be accepted.
6)    Release of Results of Written Exams – _________________ (To be posted at the City Hall Lobby/Website: naga.gov.ph)
7)    Oral Examination (Interview) – _____________, ______ A.M.- ______ P.M., ___________________.
8)    Release of final results – ____________ ( To be posted at the City Hall Lobby.)
9)    Formal Oath-Taking ceremony of Y2010 City Youth Officials – _______________, 8:00 A.M. at the City Hall grounds right after flag raising ceremony.
10)    Orientation of CYO Officials – ______________ after the Oath-Taking at the _________________.
11)    Start of official functions as City Youth Officials – _______________