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Learning Institutions

Naga City etched a name for itself simply because of excellent schools that bear witness to the nature of the Nagueños. These learning institutions are by far the best that the region can boast of for a number of reasons. They are a significant part of the country’s early history being one of the first schools established in the Philippines. Others managed to maintain the high honors by being premier universities known for excellent standards throughout the years. Schools are highly competitive allowing students to test their mettle not only in the national level but in the world arena as well.  In fact, coming home victorious from different competitions has become a popular experience for young Nagueños.

Sustaining a tradition of excellence in education with all these yearly achievements may seem to be a challenge but because of the presence of superb educators, this task has become possible. Educators in Naga are no ordinary teachers. Some are outstanding teachers, scholars, authors, professors from reputable schools in the country, home-grown best produce, board top notch graduates or well-known practitioners in their own field.

With these components, every tertiary school whether private or public rightly enjoy accreditation and autonomy due to its exemplary achievement and mode of operation. In more ways than one, Naga City is indeed the place where excellence in education is a common place.

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