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Hello, Naga City!

Relevant to this time of the year, Mayor Legacion has issued an Executive Order establishing the Naga City Resilience Council (NCRC). Also, city officials have been on the alert for dengue. Tip to residents: follow the DOH’s 4 S campaign.

The first “S” stands for Search and Destroy” mosquito breeding places which are commonly found inside the house, like flower vases, plants that capture water droplets, old tires, and other dirty areas. The second “S” means “Secure Self Protection” from a mosquito bite.  One way to do this is by using insect or mosquito repellent lotions or spray or avoiding damp areas where mosquitoes are most likely to breed. “Seek Early Consultation” is the 3rd “S” which advises the residents to go visit the nearest clinic or hospital on the onset of dengue signs and symptoms like high fever and rashes.  The last “S” stands for “Say Yes to fogging” as one of the last resorts to eliminate day-biting mosquitoes.

On this website, we continue our work:

  • We have added a weather widget showing a three-day weather forecast. When clicked, it goes to a page that shows more details.
  • The news section is regularly updated and shared to the city’s social media platforms.
  • Changes, big and small, are being done so the website is easier to use and looks good at the same time.
  • More information is being added on the government section of the site.

Over the coming days, expect to have more useful information available to you on www.naga.gov.ph. So keep coming back. Remember, you can share the posts you like on your own fb accounts. Keep safe, enjoy life and stay healthy.

– the iGov Team

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