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  1. Conducts committee/public hearings on matters referred to It by the Sangguniang Panlungsod and recommends action thereon;
  2. Regulates the operation of public service utilities within the Jurisdiction of the city for such services as communication, media, electricity, water, sanitation and waste disposal and other similar services;
  3. Reviews all project proposals recommended for the implementation of public service utilities, other than transportation, their continued existence, cancellation of franchise or permits, expansion and/or Improvements;
  4. Investigates any and all wrong doings or violations that may have been committed by public service utilities other than transportation and submit such findings to the Sangguniang Panlungsod for appropriate action;
  5. Establishes policies and procedures pertaining to the imposition ci tines and penalties for the violation of city ordinances ind contracts made with the city government by the public service utilities other than transportation;
  6. Disseminates reports, findings and recommendations to all agencies, offices and committees concerned with the operation of such public utilities;
  7. Coordinates with other government agencies, other city offices and committees In the performance of the functions and responsibilities stated above;
  8. Maintains an on-golng studies on the technological development
    and advancement in relation to such public utilities;
  9. Recommends policies and programs to promote a broad coverage and timely information on service interruptions of public utilities to minimize the inconveniences to personal and economic activities;
  10. Recommends policies anD programs to monitor and facilitate access to basic utilities as part of the targets of the city consistent with the basic right of the people to access to clean and safe water, and affordable energy sources;
  11. Recommends policies and programs for the assessment of the threats and risks In critical public utilities such as water, electricity supplies, especially in times of extreme weather disturbances, and provide contingency measures;
  12. Performs such other functions as the Sanggunlan may adopt


Chairman: Hon. Joselito S.A. del Rosario

Co-Chairman: Hon. Jessie R. Albeus


  • Hon. Melvin Ramon G. Buenafe
  • Hon. Jose B. Perez
  • Hon. Salvador M. del Castillo