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  1. Conducts committee/public hearings on matters referred to it by the Sangguniang Panlungsod and recommends action thereon;
  2. Reviews, revises and formulates cnterla/procedures for accreditation and maintenance thereof in accordance with the provisions of Republic Act 7160 and City Ordinance No. 96-092;
  3. Hears and recommends actions relevant to the accreditation or maintenance/withdrawal of accreditation of NGOs and POs:
  4. Formulates a system classifying NGOs/POs according to the services rendered or programs undertaken for purposes of making more effective people’s participation in local governance;
  5. Reviews, revises and formulates policies, programs, and system designed to achieve the provisions. Intents and purposes of the Local Government Code of 1991 and the Empowerment Ordinance of Naga City;
  6. Reviews, revises and formulates policies, programs and systems that promote and encourage NGO/PO partnership with the Naga City Local Government In undertaking programs and projects for the development of the community;
  7. Recommends measures that ensure availability of funds from the annual appropriations for programs and projects which NGOs and Peoples may undertake to partnership with the City;
  8. Coordinates with people’s and non-government organizations for the purpose of strengthening the City’s partnership and Joint undertakings with them;
  9. Performs such other functions as the Sanggunian may adopt.


Chairman: Hon. Gilda Gayle R. Abonal-Gomez.

Co-Chairman: Hon. Ghiel G. Rosales


  • Hon. Vidal P. Castillo
  • Hon. Jose C. Rañola
  • Hon. Jose B. Perez
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