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Voluntary Smoke-Testing and Certificate of Compliance

City Environment and Natural Resources Office

CITY ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES OFFICE Room 115, Multi-Purpose Bldg., City Hall Complex, J. Miranda Ave., Concepcion Pequeña, Naga City

Quick Guide

Ordinance No. 99-084 or the “Anti-Smoke Belching Ordinance” covers all and any types of motor vehicle-privately-operated, passenger, or owner-driven-whether registered at the local Land Transportation Office (LTO) or elsewhere in the country as long as they traverse any highway, road or street within the territorial jurisdiction of the City of Naga. Covered in this ordinance are tricycles or trimobiles registered and licensed by the local government of Naga City and Metro Naga municipalities whether passenger or non-passenger service, including stationary engines like
  • generators,
  • waterborne vehicles like motorboats and motor launchers,
  • as well as agricultural equipment.
Owners and operators of these vehicles and stationary engines are required to pass the smoke testing and present a Certificate of Compliance before the LTO issues a License to Operate.