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pilgrim activities

Dawn Penitential Procession

On the last three days of the Peñafrancia Novenario, from Thursday to Saturday, a Dawn Penitential Procession is held at the Cathedral at 3:30am along the major streets of Naga City. It is the custom in these processions that only…

Marian Procession and Healing Liturgy

Every evening within the Peñafrancia Novenario at the Cathedral, Inâ is borne in a procession within the Cathedral Patio. The Healing Liturgy with the Imposition of the Manto follows.


From Monday to Wednesday during the Peñafrancia Novenario, a Perdon Procession as an act of reparation is conducted along the different streets of Naga City to and fro the Cathedral.

Know more about the Devotion to The Divino Rostro

In the small village of Osa de la Vega in Spain, there lived a couple who led a very pious life. They were Gregorio de la Torre and Isabel Corral. From their father, Juan Montilla, they inherited a picture of…


Did you know: Originally, the fluvial procession concludes at the Old Peñafrancia Shrine instead of at the Basilica which is the practice beginning in 1982.   The Sacred Images of Inâ and Divino Rostro are brought back to the Basilica…