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(NOTE: Updated data not yet available.)

2015 Annual Investment Plan



Below are the changes made in the updated 2015 Annual Investment Plan (AIP) as submitted by CPDC Wilfredo B. Prilles Jr. last January 26, 2015, capital investment projects as  proposed will be funded by the Local Development Plan included likewise are capital investment projects that are being proposed to be funded through borrowings.


1. The shift in funding (P10M) for the Calauag-San Felipe section of the Circumferential Road 2 from borrowings to LDF. This was made possible by moving the proposed P14 million roofing of the 3rd floor of the Naga City People’s Mall from LDF to borrowings. This will result to faster movement on the acquisition of Road Right of Way (RROW) and initial works on that road section that will complement the P2.5 million allocation from the Bottom-Up Budget (BUB) program for the current year.


2. Downward adjustment in costs for the new City Cemetery, from P160.3 to P148.9 million based on more detailed estimates by the City Engineer’s Office


3. Readjustment of costings for the Hospital waste and Balatas Dumpsite cleanup and rehabilitation projects to more accurately reflect SWMO data. In addition, the potential for using biomass fuel additives from the Balatas dump for a multi-fuel power plant that private investors can put up was noted – operationalizing an integrated resource management approach in finally solving the city’s garbage problem; and


4. The shift in funding for the proposed City Hall lift from borrowings to LDF, taken from the balance of funds freed by the NCPM roofing project described in Item No. 1 above.



Details of the Updated 2015 Annual Investment Plan can be downloaded here (files in PDF). Other related articles > 2013 AIP