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The Naga City School Board

The Naga City School Board (NCSB) was created under the Local Government Code to assist the education system from the 1% income generated from real property taxes. Sectors are well represented through its eight board members as mandated by law and expanded number of members which includes representative from two private school principals, president of the Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry and chairman of the Naga City Peoples Council.

With P107M yearly budget, the NCSB provide teacher enhancement programs, student development projects, classrooms, IT equipment and connectivity, additional books and learning resources, as well as special projects like feeding, alternative learning, summer enrichment programs and more.

Creation of Philippine School Boards – Local Government Code of 1991
NCSB Composition – Executive Order 2019-048
Annual NCSB Budget 
Galing Pook Foundation – 2004 Awardee

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Galing Pook Awards - Reinventing the Naga City School Board

There is a correlation between education and progress. A country with highly educated citizens has high economic growth. An individual with higher education is usually in a better economic condition. Reinventing the Naga City School Board is a 2004 Galing Pook Awardee.