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Poster for the Month of October

Hello! Some of us are still feeling hectic September’s afterglow as October makes its entrance, bringing us closer to the holiday season. Meanwhile, if you’ve been following our social media posts, you’d have noticed the series of budget public presentations the city has been doing. The Annual Plan and Budget of LGU – Naga Public Presentations is being done in partnership with the Naga City People’s Council as a key component of the city’s transparency and participatory governance policy.  Follow these important activities on the city’s social media platforms as various offices and departments of the local government present their proposed budgets for 2023.

October is National Museums and Galleries Month and National Indigenous Peoples’ Month. And yes, October 7 is the day of the Feast of the Holy Rosary! This week, we are reminded to be kind to animals (Kindness to Animals Day-Oct. 4), as stated in the proclamation issued by President Carlos P. Garcia in 1958. October 5 salutes teachers and mentors on National Teachers Day.

Do keep checking up with us as we continue to strive to bring you information that is timely, relevant, and useful in our daily lives.

Regards from the iGov Team.

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